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  • Jinny Im
  • Queen's University
  • Why is travel important to your education?

    Countries are more interconnected than ever before, and it is critical to know what global issues we face today and potentially in the future, as well as learning about different cultures. It is incredibly important that I get involved with every traveling opportunities, where business on the global level is emphasized. Being able to understand different types of communication would only benefit me and help me push my career to its full potential. Traveling would give me that competitive advantage over other students who are also aiming to follow the same career path. By traveling, I hope to gain and improve on my networking skills and to further extend my knowledge on global influence. In order to achieve my goals, I must interact with those who share the same passion towards global influence.

  • Tell us about your top 2 achievements in your school or community.

    In high school, Apple’s “Think Different” campaign inspired me to develop my own project, the “Now or Never” project, which aimed to promote awareness for teen suicide and bullying prevention. The project consisted of collecting pictures from students and developing a campaign to inspire others to show support and help teens understand that they’re not alone. Recently, S-Trip! launched their anti-bullying campaign. I decided to take initiative and contributed to their campaign by producing a video with Queen’s students. The video turned out great and I was even happier with the impact I had made on my peers and S-Trip!. This year, I was selected to be one of 60 bosses for frosh week. As a boss, we were divided into teams to fundraise for various causes. To help out the team, I was able to obtain several sponsors. S-trip!, Moosehead, Pita Pit, Metro, The Works and Monster are just to name a few. With our sponsors, we were able to raise $1725 in just 4 days.

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go & why?

    If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would travel to New Zealand. I am a huge rugby fan and have been playing this sport since grade 9. Even after 2 knee surgeries cause by the sport, I continue to play and my passion for rugby is even stronger today. New Zealand is not only beautiful but is also home of my favourite rugby team, the All Blacks. It would be amazing to watch them play live in their home country and it would be crazy to experience their great culture as well.

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